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A History of The Lophams - M F SERPELL

A History of The Lophams :


Title: A History of The Lophams

Edition: 1st Ed
Size: 326pp
Publisher: Phillimore 1980"

It has a short section on the de Lopham family

from my email

M. F. Serpell, A History of the Lophams, (Phillimore, 1980), 31-2.

A Cecily de Lopham, "formerly wife of Rob. de Bumpstede" was buried there[St Andrew's N. Lopham] in 1389. [ref. 80]
She may have been a member of the family descended from Ivo, a twelfth century North Lopham tenant of thesecond Bigod earl of Norfolk. (Robert de Lopham, possibly her father, was associated while a bailiff of Norwich with Peter de Bumstede, a burgher of the same city, in 1303 and 1320. [ref. 80a] )

They took their patronimic from Lopham and Blomefield records among them: "Symon de Lopham, Clerk, in 1334, and Dionise de Lopham his Son, who was a famous Notary Publick". [ref.81]

80. Francis Blomefield, An essay towards a topographical history of thecounty of Norfolk, vol. ii, (Norwich, 1745), 701.
80a. Calendar of Patent Rolls, (PRO), 1301-1307, pp. 190, 193; ibid.,1317-1321, p. 98.
81. Ibid., p. 153 & note (h).

I don't know how reliable Blomefield is, but his 5 vol work went through many editions in the 18th & early 19th centuries.
I've got some Suffolk Record Soc publications & am also a regular visitor to University of East Anglia University library which has a comprehensive collection of books on medieval East Anglia.

So if you ever need any look-ups, let me know.

All the best,

Pete and a big thank you to you Pete


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