Monday, April 27, 2009

Irish Quaker Index Books

Selected Records From Irish Quaker Index Books: "The Society of Friends (Quakers) Monthly Meeting Minutes recorded the lives of their members in great detail. A great number of the volumes which were kept for counties in Ireland have survived and are available for viewing at the archives in the Dublin Friends Historical Library. These registers were also indexed for the birth, marriage and death records which they contain. Many of these separate index books have also survived and provide an invaluable way to find and access the milestones in our ancestor's lives. Several years ago, the Church of Latter Day Saints was permitted to microfilm the index books which are held at the Friends Archives in Dublin. However, the microfilming job was very inconsistent, many pages are completely illegible while some are only partly legible but fortunately many were done very clearly. I understand that the original index books which are still held at the Friends Archives are much clearer than the filmed version but unfortunately those originals are not available for additional copying so the LDS films are the only source for these records without actually doing the research in Dublin.

I have copied a hundred or so pages from the LDS microfilms for surnames beginning with the letters B, G, L, S and W. They are presented here along with the best transcription we have been able to make. These are not all the pages which exist they are just the ones I was able to read on the LDS microfilms"

"T1 - Frances BARRINGTON - - - - Samuel Lapham - By a Priest M or"
Selected Records Transcribed From the Society of Friends (Quakers)
Monthly Meeting Minutes (selected co