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Lapham Cemetery readings for Salem Twp., Salem, Washtenaw Co., MI

Lapham Cemetery readings for Salem Twp., Salem, Washtenaw Co., MI 1825-1940
Located on Brookfield Road, in Salem Twp., Salem, Washtenaw Co., MI.

LAPHAM, Marie 12-5-1847 18y d/o J & L
Orin 5-20-1851 1y s/o J & L
Alice 5-22-1861 4y d/o D & R
Ann M. 2-2-1849 36 y w/o David
David 7-14-1864 52y 11m
David D. his son 2-21-1865 21y
Marcus 10-13-1849 9m s/o David
Lester M. 10-5-1863 22y s/o David

Paulette Quartermain in 1968 compiled and transcribed the records

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Laphen, Michael, 41 Phillipsburgh avenue
Laphen, Rev. John, 83 Marlborough street


subscribers included:-
Lapham, J. D., Esq., Waterford
*Laphen, Rev. J. T., C.C., Marlboro'-street, Dublin

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Laphens in Dublin

Joseph Laphen (c.1851) married Mary McArdle

and had children:

Mary (Molly) Laphen b. 1877
Patrick Laphen 1881
John Laphen 1882/3
Anne Laphen 1882
James Laphen 1887

They lived in Dublin and had a butcher's shop in Moore Street. Mary immigrated to New York (1914) and Anne followed with her family (1923). At least one of the brothers went to Canada after that.

Always pronounced the name with a "p" sound as in Lappin.
Molly always insisted they had a French origin and pronounced it with a French accent.

Par Orr
Hi Carol.

James Laphen married Mary Whalen and were my grandparents on my mother's side. They had one daughter, Annie, born April 10, 1919, followed quickly by 2 sons, Patrick and John. My mom spoke dearly of her aunts Annie and Molly, and also of Paddy Duffy. When I was small, probably around 4 or 5 years old, we visited them in New York. My mother said her father was known as "Jiffy". I don't know what that means or where it came from. Perhaps my cousin, John Laphen in Ireland, whom I believe you've met, may know more.

My sister, Mary (May) Kerr will also be contributing to this list. She knows much more than I.
My mother, Annie (Laphen) Orr, passed away in May 1993, followed by my father, James Orr, in October 1993, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
What is your connection? Did we, perhaps, meet in New York those many years ago? I would love to learn more about my/our family. Thank you for posting. ...
Pat Orr

John Laphen

James Laphen married Mary Whelan and had 3 children all born in Dublin and all 3 deceased.

Anne b. 1918
patrick b. 1920 (my father)
john b.1922

Anne married Jim Orr in Belfast 1946. they had 2 children. May and Patricia living in Toronto.
Pat married Norah Logan in Belfast 1946.
John married Christine Flanagan in Scotland approx.1945 and had 2 children Jim and Carol also in Toronto.

Anne and John emigrated to Canada while Pat remained in Belfast to care for his father James who lived with us.
Pat had 4 children.
John (me) Michael Patricia Stephen. Pat used to keep in touch with his cousin (or uncle) Paddy Duffy in NY.
My dad and grandad worked in the butcher,s shop James died 1963 and Pat died 1983.