Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS)

I certainly learned a lot during my membership of the Guild in 2002.

I joined at a Family History Fair
How and Where to join the Guild

What is a One-Name Study?

Guild of One-Name Studies
The Guild of One-Name Studies is the premier UK-based organisation for one-name studies. The Guild welcomes as members anyone who has an interest in the subject. Members who are carrying out a one-name study may register their study with the Guild

About the Guild: Members Stories

Google Search: One-Name study rootsweb

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: GOONS my messages 2002 to Feb 2003 - nothing of consequence here

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: England : ENG-ONENAMESTUDIES

Archives. You can search the archives for a specific message or browse them, going from one message to another. Some list archives are not available; if there is a link here to an archive but the link doesn't work, it probably just means that no messages have been posted to that list yet.
Search the ENG-ONENAMESTUDIES archives
Browse the ENG-ONENAMESTUDIES archives

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: United Kingdom : BRIT-SURNAMES

Monday, July 25, 2005

about 10 hits from for lapham.

Google Search: lapham

Sunday, July 24, 2005

about 127 hits from for lapham

Google Search: lapham

I cannot resist making site searches

Friday, July 22, 2005

1,450 HITS from for lapham

Google Search: lapham
and without my stuff
Google Search: lapham -watkins

RIPROVID-L Archives jargon new to me !

Genealogy - USA - Rhode Island - Providence County

Lapham Surname: Genealogy and Family History
Please tell your friends about Linkpendium!

Linkpendium is being developed by Karen Isaacson and Brian Leverich, founders of the extremely popular RootsWeb genealogical community site. At the time of its merger with Ancestry in June 2000, RootsWeb had about 600,000 registered users, was serving about 100,000,000 Web page views monthly, and was delivering about 160,000,000 pieces of email monthly to the subscribers of its 18,000 mailing lists. The company had more than 40 employees and operated its own 7,000 square foot network operations center in Bakersfield, CA.

Both Karen and Brian have been active on the ARPAnet / Internet for more than twenty years. They live surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest in a mountain cabin 60 miles north and 5,000 vertical feet above Los Angeles. The cabin is equipped with indifferently reliable indoor plumbing, two of the world's friendliest German Shepherd Dogs, an incontinent and generally annoying orange fluffy cat, and a T1 data connection direct to the Internet backbone. MORE

Lapham Family Genealogy Forums - Lists - Boards has many for example
Boards > Surnames > Lapham
and messages posted to this board also appear in the "" mailing list.
RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: LAPHAM Surname

Search the LAPHAM list archives
Browse the LAPHAM list archives

the same board at Ancestry Boards > Surnames > Lapham

Lapham Family Genealogy Forum
part of, Inc.

with links to other surnames sharing the L150 Soundex code,
but I believe these are mostly artifacts or false associations.

and geographically:-

Boards > Localities > United Kingdom and Ireland > England > Somerset > General

some of RootsWeb's 29,356 genealogy mailing lists!



ENG-SOMERSET and Kilmington


GLOUCESTER and Bitton and Oldland

and usenet:-
soc.genealogy.britain -

Lewis Lapham, "a lapdog of the radical left," ???
Lewis H. Lapham Harper's Bazaar editor
fills a lot of space

Census of Canada, 1911 - ArchiviaNet - Library and Archives Canada

Census of Canada, 1911 - ArchiviaNet - Library and Archives Canada: "The Census of Canada 1911 covered the nine provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) and two territories (the Yukon and the Northwest Territories) that were then part of Confederation.
The creation of the microfilms was authorized in 1955 with the paper records destroyed afterwards. The microfilming of these records was not of consistent quality and therefore not all images are decipherable. Unfortunately, the destruction of the paper records means that there is no recourse when a record is unreadable.
This database of 1911 census data allows researchers to search by geographic location only. "

this would be a tough project to search

any sightings of LAPHAM welcome